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The Int. Exhibition for Printing, Paper, Packaging, Advertising & Digital Printing Consumables.

TECHNOPRINT Sudan is The Int. Exhibition for Printing, Paper, Packaging, Advertising & Digital Printing Consumables ever held in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

Extension of the great success of International TECHNOPRINT Fair, it has decided to establish in its tenth exhibition at the international level and the second in Sudan in the period from 15th to 18th September 2018

At Khartoum International Fairground on full display space of Hall No. 2 On gross area about ​​4500 square meters and on exhibit area of ​​about 2300 square meters.

 Exhibition will feature many international , Egyptian And Sudanese companies in several fields of Printing Industries and it will be held under the authorities of the Sudanese Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Sudanese Chamber of Industry and Packaging and   Sudan Chambers of Industries Association


The number of participated companies in the exhibition is about 90 companies, including 25 Sudanese companies and over of 120 international brands will participate through their agents in the Middle East.

Activities covered by the exhibition: -

  1. Traditional & News Paper Print equipment Industry.
  2. The Packaging equipment industry.
  3. The Advertising industry.
  4. Paper and carton industry.
  5. Inks and printing supplies.
  6. Pre and Post press equipment and materials printing.
  7. Software for printing industries.
  8. Stationary equipment and materials
  9. International companies for printing equipment.
  10. Pre-Owned Printing equipment.
  11. Secured printing systems.
  12. Print technical support by international consultants.
  13. Spare parts.

Why Sudan?

1- Because Sudan tread towards localization of the industries and the government provides many facilities for investors in the industrial fields.

2 - Because of Sudan Country linked to geographical borders with 7 countries, making it the starting point for the rest of the African countries markets associated geographically with it.

3 - Excellent investment climate and the abundance of the industrial free zones and promising climate for industrial progress, especially in the field of printing and packaging industries.

4 - the desire of the government and sectors of business organizations in the field of printing industries to establish the exhibition to provide all the needs of the Printing Industries of equipment and raw materials and high technology as well as the formation of partnerships between them and between external investors in this promising industries in Sudan.

Services which TECHNOPRINT serve to Exhibitors & Visitors:


1- Provide Hotels various levels to meet the needs of all exhibitors and visitors at premium prices, including:

  • Corinthia Hotel.

Fateh Tower, one of the finest hotels in Khartoum 5-star hotel in an elegant architecture masterpiece made of steel and glass.

  • Grand Hotel.

5 star hotel in Khartoum.

  • Kabri Touristic Hotel.

3 stars hotel in Khartoum.

Organizers are ready to book hotels for exhibitors and visitors.



TECHNOPRINT provides transportation to and from Fairground in Khartoum for free.

For Exhibitors:

TECHNOPRINT provide Tourist buses for transfer from hotels to exhibition grounds and vice versa for free.


Business Opportunities:


TECHNOPRINT provide all facilities for investors for business matching between them and Sudanese investors.

to overcome all the obstacles and procedures for the establishment of projects.


Economy in Sudan:

Sudan is a vast country rich in natural resources represented in the fertile agricultural land, livestock and mineral, forestry and fisheries and abundant water.

Sudan relies mainly on agriculture, 80% of the activity of the population in addition to industry especially industries that depend on agriculture


Expected Visitors from Sudan and surrounding Countries about 25,000 Visitors.


Media Campaign :

  • Road Advertising.
  • Tv& Radio Announcements.
  • Advertising at the most widely newspapers.
  • Street advertising at Khartoum , Om Derman , Bahri and all the cities.
  • Digital Announcements via social media like Facebook , Twitter , youtube , linkedin.
  • Announcement via google and most viewed search engines
 Freight and clearance services :

TECHNOPRINT management provide shipping materials and customs clearance deadlines through excellent freight company, as well as access to facilitate customs procedures in the case of a sale of exhibits and back again.



During the exhibition will be held Seminars and workshops organized and managed by Printing industries development Association “PIDA”.

With the cooperation and support of worldwide experts in different printing industries and professors from Faculty of Applied Art – Helwan University – Egypt.


Printing industries CO-OP “TAG”.

In partnership with

Sudanese Chambers of Industries Association.

Printing Industries Development Association.

Sudanese Chamber of printing & packaging

Main sponsor for TECHNOPRINT Sudan 2018:

Sudan Currency Printing press.


Exhibitors & Sponsors

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  • Shenzhen Debao Printing Equipment Co.,Ltd
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