Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is to fill in the visitor form found in the visitor section and print the result page to submit it at the entrance of the exhibition.

Visiting Technoprint 2013 is free of charge for all local and international visitors.

In the exhibitor and visitor section you can find a link for our official travel agent and special offers in some hotels, you can easily contact our travel agent directly to arrange your hotel and flight reservation, you can also ask for meet and assist service in the Airport.

Our travel agent offers in one of its services a shuttle bus to transport guests from and to the exhibition center. Renting cars services is also available with our travel agent. Otherwise you can use a Taxi or public transportation.

For Taxi’s you can find three types of Taxi’s Yellow, White and black X white, please note that White X Black Taxi’s are not working with timers and does not offer receipts.

1. Exhibition will be held for four days : from 27 – 30 April 2013.

2. Opining time : 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

3. Parking facilities inside the Conference Center.

4. Two entrances for the show halls :

-   The main entrance of  the Complex  Halls  leads to Hall ( 1 ), Hall ( 2 )  and Hall ( 3 )  from Hall ( 1,2,3 ) to Hall ( 5 ).

5. VIP hall for VIP persons at Complex Halls.

6. Internet availability in all show halls.

7. Instruction panels inside and outside show Halls.

8. Restaurant at Upper floor.

All what you have to do is to fill the application form found in the exhibitor section online or down load it and fill it then sign and stamp it and send it back to your territory representative shown in the contact us section, 50% of your participation form should be transferred to the bank details shown in the application form. Your territory representative will guide you with all other steps.

    Mobile application is designed to achieve the maximum benefit from attending the exhibition for all the parties concerned; organizing company, the viewer, the visitor and the ability to recover data easily and not be compromised in any potential sale opportunity.

    The is the first time for applied this service at all of the local fairs in Egypt, where the organized company go  through to collect and classify the exhibitors, they are rated based on product categories which they are interested in, the organized company sends a barcode to mobile or e-mail for the interested person who want to visit the exhibition with an emphasis on the need to print barcode and bring it with him

    During the exhibition:
    A. Visitor who has registered through the site:
    The visitors services start to register  the bar code of the visitor who paid to reserve via the internet and as a result are established special Guest (This figure serves as a visitor's personal card does not change over time). This procedure saves time and effort of visitors and organized company in data entry and reduces the possibility of a long line waiting to enter data.

    Visitor who does not have to register through the website:
    The visitors services start to enter the data of the visitor direct on the application to create the bar code and ID No  (This figure serves as a visitor's personal card does not change over time). And thus saves time subsequent to the introduction of data and allows exhibitors to know the name and visitor’s data directly in the same time of the visit.

    The Benefits of loading this application for visitors & exhibitors

    The benefit to the organizers of this measure add a new and useful service for exhibitors as well as visitors to be able to contact each other  by the newest and easiest way which will benefit the maximum on all sides. The program provides the bidder registration visitors easily to be able to remember what the visitor was interested without loss of any time in the recording visitor data. . Also to survey the visitors and classified them according to the area of interest, which provides an opportunity for exhibitors after the exhibition to access the target segment for the company's marketing team

    Also creating an electronic directory for visitors where they can search quickly and remember exhibitors

    Using Mobile application for the exhibition , the exhibitor  enters a password to exhibitors page where Scanner allows the viewer to read and record data about visitors (bar code and identification number and part to record the inquires of the client or product that expressed interest).

    This applicationallows theviewer:
    1. Ease of communication with potential customers and do not miss any opportunity to sell. By the end of the show exhibitors can import a copy of the visitors data classified according to their focus from products to their e-mail or Excel file. This provides an opportunity for exhibitors after the exhibition of the access of the target segment for the company’s marketing team.
    2. The possibility of reviewing and taking exhibitors data from the site directly.
    3. Connecting Active program in order not to repeat the data.
    4. See visitors who have visited the bidder after residents of the site also.
    5. The exhibitor can access the data of visitors who have expressed interest in one of its products, not all visitors’ data to preserve the privacy of the data as much as possible.


    Using Mobile application for the exhibition introduces the visitors the following :
    1. Exhibitor List is divided according to the field, the list shows company data and there is the possibility to add it in the list of preferred.
    2. Product List is divided according to the field; the list shows how to access the viewer in the exhibition site.
    3. Public Services and offers services provided by the Exhibition Authority for visitors (places cafeteria, chapel, bathrooms, etc.)
    4. Activities associated with offering any activities done during the show date, time, and place.
    5. Conferences present conferences which are during the exhibition date, time and place.
    6. Favorite and offer companies that have raised interesting visitor do not want to leave the show only after the visit. And do not miss visiting one site visit companies interested.   
    7. Detailed sitemap of the exhibition which contain exhibitors’ places.

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